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y'know it's kinda weird when a classmate dies

i didn't really know the kid, i didn't even remember his name at first. the more i read it in the newspaper, the more familiar it became. seeing that he went and graduated from the same school i did made me realize that we could've been in class together. finding his photo in the yearbook was a memory of being in genetics

i didn't talk to him. i didn't talk to the girl who died, either, she would've been a year too young for high school. i knew her last name, though, it struck a chord with me. she wasn't the focus though, no, the article focused on my classmate and his best friend, the only survivor of the crash. no mention of the brother she's going to leave behind, how her parents haven't told him yet

what were they doing out at 4am during a pandemic? on a day where the snow was melting and the roads were wet and dangerous. out for a joyride, there's no other reason i can think of. you know, there had been a car accident a few years prior to when i started attending that school. teachers still seemed pretty affected by it, they held it in memory every year. shouldn't they have known better? now they're gonna be another group of kids who died because of a car accident, another pair of names to be added to that memorial

it's's weird. i don't like dwelling on it. i don't know why i'm dwelling on it