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here's my summary of art for this year yeehaw

not too too happy w it, you can rlly see where i start losing motivation imo but i made my goal of trying to to at least one digital art piece per month so! yea

here are all the transparents i've made compiled into one post

i'm probably gonna make more

ace awareness week is about over but here are my ace headcanons for some characters from go gigantic!!!

check out these matches baybee!!!

the first one is the comeback match!! it was also my first summoner's rift game as karma and having to fight against a leblanc-zyra botlane is actually the WORST when you're tryna learn a new champion. the other two games were just SUPER feel good

wanted to make some house designs so i made a superflat creative world to toss around some designs. well, i made one and kinda regretted using superflat because honestly? im in love with how this came out