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Mymblesona! Been thinking abt Moomins lately..

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it's baby Snufkin time

i haven't drawn him in so long, forgot how much i love him

Spring Tune

around tumblr there was headcanons about Snufkin making spring grow wherever he steps and that was like, the coolest thing.

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taking new routes

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hi there waterfall! here take my first post on here it is a snufkin uwu

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sniff has been telling moomin there's been a ghost visiting him for the past week...

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took a little break from working on things to draw this, its nothing spectacular but i really feel this

He's a,,,Kitty,,,,,

gone fishing

cant get anything done around here

70s snufkin is a lot of fun to draw 三/ ˙꒳​˙)/

muddler is probably one of my two go to characters to draw at this point

screencap below

really wish i hiked on the mountain right now- it looks beautiful whenever i see pictures


"it's just a little ways over here" ...and it's almost as amazing as you are

hey guys i want more blogs to follow

interact with this post if you post/share any of the following!!

- moomin - my hero academia - over the garden wall - mcelroy content (mbmbam and taz esp) - go gigantic - minecraft - anything by supergiant games - battleborn - league of legends - aesthetic images

additionally i am a nb ace lesbian who uses they/them pronouns so you have to be okay with that!!

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bodys -

*drops by 2 post more moomin art*

tigertoony asked:

Heh, you really don't have to sketch anything for me, I'm just happy to help out! But if you wanna, maybe sketch um Too-Ticky? She's one of my favorite Moomin characters! And I can see from your icon you like Moomin too!! ;w;

i hope this is alright!! too-ticky is one of my favs ;v;

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snufkin says happy 4/20