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Luigi and the Thunder

Decided to actually finish this art I had laying unfinished since the third game's release, heh. I got frustrated with the background and just didn't continue it, aha. But I've since sucked it up and just got it done. Still proud of how I painted Luigi and Polterpup though.

[Pic ID: Artwork of Luigi and Polterpup in a mansion hallway. The camera is from slightly below and at an angle. Luigi who is faced towards us looks nervously towards the left of the wall. A large long window behind him glows white from thunder outside. Silhouetted by the thunder's light King Boo appears to be creeping outside. End ID.]


[ID: Digital artwork Iggy Koopa from Super Mario franchise. Iggy's a lanky green shelled turtle-like creature with a yellow tan body. He has a tuff of upward green hair on the top of his head. Iggy wears black-framed glasses over his blue eyes, and black spiked braces on his thin wists. In the artwork Iggy's hopping on one foot while waving his magic wand that's emiting a green magic. End ID.]

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Practice Bowsers

just some sketches of bowser... trying to get the hang of him

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another edit of an old mario render, idk its fun

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supermario -

Anyone: Luigi is *any LGBT+ identity*

Me: Wow, you're so right.