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i sincerely wish that customers would realize that, just cuz they see someone working in a supermarket, doesn't mean that they, the employee, know what happens in the other departments. like, so many ppl will give you attitude when you tell them "i'm sorry, i don't know the answer to that because i don't work in x department"

when you're hired at a grocery store/supermarket,you are more than likely trained in one department. it is not common for people to cross-train in other departments because of availabilities/capabilities. the only ppl who are absolutely 100% trained in all departments are the store director and the night manager bcuz they run the store

if you need to ask someone for assistance and they tell you that they can't help you bcuz they don't work in that department, ask them if they can get someone who can (and please don't get annoyed at the employee over this). if you ask, they can page someone over to assist you

#cosmic chatter #text #supermarket woes #thats gon be my tag for these kinda chats #cindy in deli had a lady give her Big Attitude cuz she wanted crab legs #and cindy told her that she couldn't help her cuz she works in deli #and the lady pointedly repeated herself like #"i just want to know if there are crab legs" #and cindy again had to tell her that she couldn't help her bcuz she can't go into seafoods stuff #+ cindy couldn't help her anyways bcuz she's not trained in seafood #n i've had a customer give ME attitude cuz she wanted salmon and demanded i get her some #like ma'am i'm literally holding a dry mop what do you think i do #goin back to cindy's thing tho #rn seafood has often been gettin temporarily closed cuz it's SEVERELY understaffed #dennis is recovering from his heart attack #idk where chris fish is (prob taking time off) #the new guy quit #rn tom from front end volunteered to help #so basically they only have 2 regulars (not counting the manager of this dept.) for seafood #which is Not Good #okay end of ramble

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