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here's to both a new year and a new decade

i saw this skin in a dream and honestly? it was so cute i couldn't just...NOT draw it

here's to both a new year and a new decade

i saw this skin in a dream and honestly? it was so cute i couldn't just...NOT draw it

ace awareness week is about over but here are my ace headcanons for some characters from go gigantic!!!

babushka asked:

who are your favourite lesbians

i thought you'd NEVER ask

they're beckett and imani!! beckett is the character in my icon and she's super important to me for a variety of reasons and imani is also important to me.

im gonna go off here!!

beckett and imani are the two characters in game who have the MOST history together as well as the most dialogue lines for each other.

as the lore is only given to us from snippets from their character skins, fortune cards, dialogue, and what the devs gave to us, it kinda left me having to piece together a lot but i think im accurate and a lot of people agree with me.

to start off!!

beckett and imani used to be in a highly organized group of sky pirates known as the "silver skull" with imani having been the commander and beckett having worked for her. being a pirate, reckless behavior typically means more rewards, and beckett, being a reckless adventurer, well, it suited her.

however, at one point, imani left and formed a mercenary squad, with beckett having followed her into that life. unfortunately, it was a poor fit for beckett, leaving to imani to scold her with becketts response being to laugh and fly away. now, what HURTS me is that...beckett held onto the skull symbol. from what we saw in the concepts, they had personalized skull designs, with imanis having a scar over her left eye. on the back of becketts jacket in her default outfit is...well, a skull with wings. on top of that, she has a winged skull pin. talk about an oof on my heart

to keep on the topic of the lore provided to us from the skins and such, whenever a characters lore mentions one, it almost ALWAYS mentioned the other (the notable examples being tmat and ramsay). additionally, they share a lot of areas and experiences in their lore (the snippets about excelsior, the pieces about a volcanic island, the goblins), and considering how often this happened there is absolutely no way that it was just a mere coincidence

now, the voice lines!

beckett has 2 proximity and 2 kill lines for imani, with her kill lines being

"lights out, imani" and "sorry captain".

her prox lines?

"i kinda miss working with you, kinda." and "long time no see, boss."

there are two deliveries for each line, but the particular tone she delivers the prox line just sent me...yknow. the first one kinda sounds like an offhand comment, but the other one, she puts emphasis on the word boss. i dont know about you, but people dont usually put emphasis on that word unless theres something in particular theyre irked about, something usually work related

based on how beckett responds to imani, its obvious that yeah shes upset with her. their last interaction (as far as we know) had been imani calling her reckless and unprofessional, and beckett just...left. becketts smart, she knows her stuff, so it didnt make sense for her to follow imani into the mercenary life if they were going for a more professional and dignified route. it seems like to me, imani scolding her was kinda just her breaking point and she didnt know how to respond, so she just...laughed and flew away.

now, IMANI

first, i gotta start this off with the fact that imani doesnt seem to care about forming relationships with others. she has a card set that talks about how she had to see a young prince, and noted all the weak points in his armor. yeah, she couldve just been observing, but the card mentioned that, even off the battlefield, she was still at war. she's preparing for the worst. makes sense, too, knowing that she lost her sister at a young age.

second, imani has absolutely NO PROXIMITY LINES. none, none at all. i listened to everyones lines and i played a lot of imani, so this, this came as a shock tbh! however, she DOES have two kill lines, one being for an unreleased character, roland (nothin' personal, roland), and the other one for...beckett. now, when i first heard it, it HURT my heart.

"reckless, as always"

knowing that its a kill line, its...odd to hear it. you dont call your enemies reckless, you dont call people you arent attached to reckless. from my experience, you use that word for the people you care about, to let them know that they shouldnt be acting like that. then...theres the delivery. again, there are two tones. the first one, she sounds annoyed, which yknow can be expected. the other...she sounds dejected, shes hurt.

its so obvious to me that they still care for each other. its just...they havent addressed their problems with each other. imani doesnt want to see beckett get hurt. hell, i have a headcanon that the REASON why she went into mercenary life because its safer to be a mercenary than a pirate, and she didnt want to see beckett getting herself seriously injured or worse. on the otherhand, beckett, who i headcanon to be neurodivergent, she didnt understand.

i always interpreted their relationship as pirates being a casual one, like sleeping together and the like, with beckett wanting it to be something more. with the sudden change from a pirate to a mercenary, and no longer being able to be reckless...i dont think she fully understood why imani was so angry at her when that was how they always did things. that would explain why she laughed and flew away. no remarks. no comments. she just laughed. i think she was caught so off guard that she caught her off guard.

i like to imagine that, after having to work together under aurion's banner, they are able to talk (its pretty clear to me that beckett is open to talking, based on her prox lines. imanis silence hurts, though) and work things out, and finally actually get together.

yeah, it goes into headcanon/personal interpretation territory but like, considering the AMOUNT of lore they have on top of how they respond to each the only explanation here is that they're lesbians, chief

babushka asked:

ooh what are they guardin'?

the world, in a sense!

the guardians power and life force comes from their bond with the land. as a matter of fact, the only way to strike down a guardian is to sever that bond, thusly leaving them vulnerable.

of course, the guardians will fight for control over the land, and depending on the ruling guardian depends on the land! by that, i mean that like...the land alters itself based on the guardian in control. grenn is a guardian that comes from the rift, a toxic, magic wasteland, so if he's in charge i can assume that the land becomes rife with dangerous magic

babushka asked:

so where does gigantic go

it just goes

there are gigantic guardians which is why the game is called gigantic!

tiddywife asked:

who's the most chaotic character in go gigantic and why

i wanna say its mozu!

she's a goblin who wanted to become a wizard! however, no wizard wanted to teach her so she just stole their wands and is now teaching herself how to become a wizard. asides from wands shes kinda just a littol thief in general, although if she respects you she wont usually steal from you (she WILL wanna try out what interests her though). she doesnt like pakko bcuz she wants to be the only cute one

her constant mood is >:3c and she pit pats when she runs

neurodivergent beckett headcanons

- she stims a lot!! when she gets excited/happy she'll flap her hands, hum, wiggle, bounce on her feet, and clap her hands! if shes upset distressed she'll rock, pace, chew, twiddle her thumbs, bounce her leg, and run her fingers through her hair.

- she's really sensitive to textures and sound! to accomodate for both, she wears gloves and something over her ears, whether its a modified hat or just earplugs.

- her special interests are history, artifacts, and flying!! she has a huge collection of artifacts and can tell you all about them because she thinks they're real neat.

- her comfort stims/items are the feeling of wind on her skin, her jetpack, and her baby drake plush. as such, she keeps a fan in her room to emulate the feeling of wind in case she can't fly atm.

- she does go nonverbal in case things become too overwhelming/she has a meltdown/gets distressed. she knows sign language but it can still be difficult talking to people so she prefers to just retreat to someplace quiet.

- she has the persona of an ace pilot because its what she grew up seeing and wishing she was like. the persona helps her emulate that shes "normal", when in reality she doesnt really know how to interact with others and is just doing what she's seen people enjoy

- her way of showing affection is by infodumping, holding hands, or cuddling. she does say "i love you" and things along those lines, but the first three have more meaning to her

- that said, she doesnt like being touched unless a.) she knows who you are and/or c.) shes okay with you doing that

- she cannot fall asleep without the aid of a weighted blanket (or just a lot of blankets)

this is the funniest thing i've ever drawn

panel 1: -on aurion airship- knossos: hey imani what does this mean

panel 2: knossos: it looks weird [arrow points to imani w/ the text] is a lesbian

panel 3: imani: *cough cough* knossos: are you ok

Special Interest/Hyperfixation Sharing Pond

prompt by @aurenfaie [original post] !


  • When you fill this out, copy/paste this into a new post. Feel free to ignore/delete any prompts you don’t want to answer.

  • If you don’t answer all of the prompts, I would appreciate you linking back to the original post so others can view the full collection of prompts. (It might be nice to do that either way, so people aren’t required to delete your answers, but that is up to you.)

  • If you’d like, tag your post as “interest sharing pond” (and “sharing pond” more generally) so others can see it.


  • What is your special interest/hyperfixation? How would you describe your special interest/hyperfixation to someone who knows nothing about it? (You can answer multiple if you have more than one, but this may get lengthy for you.)

i have three primary ones and they are go gigantic, battleborn, and, admittedly, league of legends!

go gigantic: go gigantic was a pvp game that was in open beta for years before finally being released in july 2017. it's servers unfortunately shut down a year later due to a variety of complications, but the community has found ways to continue playing. it has over 20 characters and it approaches its lore through a very interesting manner: through the use of fortune cards and skins. each card and skin has a sentence or two that provides a snippet into the world, snippets that i have pieced together in a variety of word documents. additionally, the characters interact with each other through proximity and kill lines, all of which i have recorded onto word documents.

battleborn: battleborn is both a pve and pvp game with most of my time having been spent in the pve. its story has a LOT of replay-ability as the dialogue in the missions can change with each playthrough. additionally, sometimes the characters will interact with the mission, the most notable example being "the void's edge" where every character has an interaction. there are 30 characters and they're all very talkative and it's funny hearing the things they'll say to each other. ex: "your plan is thawed kelvin. wait, i mean flawed. i SWEAR that was an accident" - mellka upon killing kelvin. a lot of people compare it to overwatch and this led to me having an intense dislike of the game as most of its fans made fun of battleborn and its characters, leading to most people to assume the game had shut down. apologies if you like overwatch but, oh man, i could go on for a while on how much i dont like it. that aside, battleborn also has canonical lgbt+ characters, with orendi being a wlw, reyna being bi, galilea and ambra being wlw and having been a thing before angsty things happened, miko having no gender (they're a mushroom that uses all pronouns bcuz mushrooms have many genders actually), etc etc!

league of legends: league of legends is a moba game with over 100 champions. it's very team and strategy based, so honestly? don't really go into matches thinking you're gonna win right away because oh man, oh man. it is known for having one of the most toxic communities so i just mute chat bcuz, yknow, no thanks not gonna deal with that. honestly? the game's pretty fun if you play with friends and keep randos muted and successfully pulling off a combo or actually doing something good will always make you !!!

  • How did you discover your special interest/hyperfixation? How long ago was it?

for gigantic, it was june 2017! it had come to win7 and win 8 that month (it was win10 and xbone exclusive for a while) and i had actually gotten a new computer just to play it. when i started looking into the lore and started playing beckett (who is also my namesake now), i just...became hooked.

for battleborn, it was may 2016, aka when it came out. cryaotic had shared a video with the opening, i watched it, it was amazing, i had to get it. im really glad i did, because i was going through a really rough time and it really helped me through it.

for league, well, oh gosh i had heard of it when i started using fb back in...2011? 2012? around then. i liked video games and a LOT of them had to do with league. i only actually started playing it when the k/da video came out bcuz, love girls and they're cute. i played it off and on but now i play it regularly with friends.

  • What is something people might not know about your special interest/hyperfixation?

that they all have canonical lgbt+ characters honestly. people are always surprised when i tell them. i already talked about bb's earlier, but with gigantic, tyto the swift is nonbinary (they use all pronouns with the primary being they/them from what i've gathered), ramsay is bi (it's heavily implied that he and wu were a thing and i think he's got a crush on tripp), tripp is a wlw (it's implied she has a crush on imani but honestly who doesn't), and im absolutely POSITIVE that beckett and imani were a thing and they still haven't gotten over each other (i have an ENTIRE analysis on this). for league, which is where i get the most "REALLY???"s the characters are neeko, who is a lesbian, kayn, who is bi, diana and leona are wlws, graves and twisted fate are mlms, and taliyah is trans.

  • Have you had other special interests/hyperfixations in the past?

yes, actually. a lot, actually. i just didn't know they were s.i.s or hypervixations because i thought it was normal because my older sister, who is also autistic, had them too. i'll list the ones i can remember: avatar: the last airbender, storm hawks, code lyoko, generator rex, danny phantom, oban star racers, okami, voltron FORCE, hero 108, warriors (the book series), kiesha'ra, guardians of ga'hoole, monster hunter, kekkai sensen, fairy tail, bleach, one piece, naruto, sonic the hedgehog, jak and daxter, ratchet and clank, and i know there's more but it's the matter of REMEMBERING and thats hard for me.

  • How much time do you spend on your special interest/hyperfixation? Is it something you do, something you learn about, something you think about, some combination of those, or something else entirely?

i think about them ALL the TIME and draw the characters and write about them in my free time (for gig, that is, as it's my primary special interest). i also ramble to others when i get the chance.

  • Do you lose track of other things while involved with your special interest/hyperfixation?

sometimes! not all the time, but sometimes.

  • Do you often talk to others about your special interest/hyperfixation? If yes, is it generally online or offline?

oh absoLUTEly. it's usually online because i dont have many irl friends

  • Is there anyone in your life (online or offline) that is also interested in your special interest/hyperfixation?

not really :(

  • What are four of your favorite things about your special interest/hyperfixation?

i love the characters, the lore, the music, and the gameplay. i'm not gonna really get into them because i don't know how to explain, but those are definitely my favorite aspects.

  • Have you ever received a gift related to your special interest/hyperfixation? If yes, what was it?

AAAAAA YES!!!! one of the original devs of gigantic sent me ALL of the fortune cards as well as 4 posters, 3 of them character posters (of imani, charnok, and the margrave) and one a signed poster of the title screen!!! i've also won the signed battleborn lithograph after placing first in last years lore quiz. i also got a shirt for gigantic that a friend won but then sent to me because i helped them get an ultimate pack.

  • Has your special interest/hyperfixation ever helped you? (Could be emotionally, practically, etc.)

yes! emotionally and creatively. i mentioned before that battleborn helped me through a really rough time and gigantic helped me creatively. thanks to it, i've got a lot of writing motivation now and it makes me happy. all have helped me with becoming a bit more social as i had a lot of difficulties reaching out to communities.

  • If your special interest/hyperfixation is something you can display, do you choose to display it? If yes, how do you do so?

i wear the shirts and i have the posters in my room.

  • Do you keep any documents you’ve made about your special interest? (A list of articles you’ve read, a document with descriptions of a fantasy world, etc.)

oh absolutely. i talked about my documents earlier but i have written down so MUCH for gigantic. if people are interested i'll probably share the documents hbdsjflk

  • Would you ever want to have a job that involves your special interest/hyperfixation?

if i could i would. except for league, because i know that riot games is trash. not all of riot games is trash, but the people with the most power are trash (if you keep track of video game news you would know that the first walkout for gaming companies was recently and it was at riot games as some of the higher ups were sexually harassing employees, and they are refusing to let the employees take them to court. i hope things can get better for the employees soon, because oh gosh

  • In the short term, do you have anything you’re planning to do soon related to your special interest/hyperfixation?

im gonna write fanfiction that no one is gonna read except for a few of my friends that i talk to the game about. im also probably gonna do some draws

  • Would you recommend others get involved in your special interest/hyperfixation? Why or why not?

absolutely yes please do i want people to talk to. they're all very interesting and fun to play and you'll love the characters please im begging you

  • Are there any interests you see becoming a special interest/hyperfixation? If yes, what are they? What makes you think they could become a special interest/hyperfixation of yours?

if i was asked this a week or two ago i would've said league because i knew it was on its way to becoming a special interest. OH THE ADVENTURE ZONE THATS ONE I FORGOT but i dont wanna scroll up to put it oof. well it's here now so. either way i'm not really sure, but to become my special interest it has to have intriguing lore and good characters

  • End with one (or a few!) more thing(s) about your special interest/hyperfixation of your choosing! (Fun fact, something you recommend a person start with if they’d like to get into your interest, etc.)

gigantic has a beautiful art direction!! and it's scenery is gorgeous to look at and, combined with the ambience, it makes me go AAAAAAAAAA. battleborn uses very pretty colors and it has over 200 drawn special effects with each one being unique to the character it applies to. league has a lot of skins for a variety of different aus, these aus being guardian (magical girl), project, music industry (pentakill, k/da, popstar, dj), arcade, infernal (kinda like an end-of-the-world one but caused by people summoning the god of fire who promptly turned everything to ash), etc. etc.

abbyarchive asked:



im a bit drowsy but its go gigantic!!! it was a pvp game created by motiga and published by perfect world entertainment! unfortunately the servers shut down due to various complications but that doesnt stop me yknow. its MY CITY NOW!!!

i still play through shhh means though

this is also the game where the character in my icon is from!!

okay!! so, ignoring the pvp stuffs lets focus on characters, world, and lore!!

go gigantic takes place on this world named gig, which is filled with great beasts and magic. in this world, there are the five imperial houses: aurion, devaedra, tesserus, karakesh, and melkior. house aurion is the house that focuses on the religion of the world, which revolves around these "divine" beings called eternals!! they are allied with house karakesh, who kinda serves as the military power of the world and they talk about chivalry but :/ theyve done some not good things. house devaedra is the magic house, the house that focuses on the dark aspects of sorcery! house tesserus is the technology house, they create a bunch of neat gadgets like jetpacks, robots, cars, you name it! and, lastly, house melkior, which is the super secret house who no one really knows about.

the story starts off with the eternals arriving to gig, where they meet teth, who they anoint as the first hierophant, their speaker, essentially. they give her the ability to tame the beasts that roam the land, turning them into guardians (the guardian of aurion is leiran, who we call griffin mom). however, who i presume to be teth's sibling, lady devaedra, "stole" the gifts that teth received, using them for her own gain. this eventually leads to a conflict and i theorize that this is how aurion and karakesh came to be allies.

in the current events of the game, a whole lotta heckin bad stuff has happened. first, with karakesh, their grand duke has been murdered as part of a conspiracy (which has unfortunately also resulted in the death of aisling's father, sir cador). i speculate that this has to do with lady devaedra trying to gain control of the land. see, guardians gain their power from the land and, in return, the land is slowly altered by it. how would she be able to influence the just knights of karakesh? well, she's powerful for one, living in the rift, which was thought to be uninhabitable at first.

with karakesh having to settle their own matters, this left the current hierophant, adonaius, open to attack. devaedra had hired tripp, an assassin, to murder him, and she was almost successful too. however, she was stopped by the arrival of tyto the swift and pakko, the latter having frozen her. tyto, pakko, and the hierophant fled to the north, where they eventually arrive at the star city, the home of the eternals. tyto leaves afterwards, and the hierophant meets zandora, who tells him that war is coming.

this then leads us into the heroes of gigantic becoming associated with one house, whether its through ideals, morals, or other reasons. based on the lore cards, i presume that there is some kind of great battle, which leads to devaedra and its guardian, grenn (snake dad) being knocked out of power. i assume that this is where the pvp comes into play, aka the power races. essentially you're fighting for the control of the land, and you're allied with either leiran or grenn.

this is kinda the long story not-so-short-but-close-enough of it!!

this stuff aside, all of the characters are on the wikia (which i helped with a lil bit? just a few pages really)

ive also compiled a lot of the lore quotes from the fortune cards and character skins and organized them into a couple of different google docs!:

additionally! ive transcribed everyones voicelines:

another thing! i've written a couple of fanfic and i have a LOT of wips:


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beckett from go gigantic moodboard for @cosmicases!


anyways this is a finished raffle drawing for @tytos-alba on tumblr o/

beckett's a lesbian. my evidence?


see this pirate skin concept? see how she has a sword? bam. the reason why beckett has bad aim with her guns is because not only is she a gay who can't aim, but she's a sword lesbian