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drew me n my gf as villagers

designs by her!!! ❤️💜

what happens behind hats stays behind hats

ma'am whats your workout routine

here's to both a new year and a new decade

i saw this skin in a dream and honestly? it was so cute i couldn't just...NOT draw it

finally finished a commission for a friend

all i want s3 is for bellum to get a cat

its my take on flower kid! they will love you unconditionally and also eat dirt

where people go to think about not existing

finished up the other commission for my friend!

cosmicaces reblogged charter

and if you listened carefully, you'd swear you hear it sing

finished raffle drawing for @ kurai-draws on tumblr! character belongs to them as well o/


anyways this is a finished raffle drawing for @tytos-alba on tumblr o/

a ko-fi sketch for @ reynaowl on tumblr!

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