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hey! if you need to go to a grocery store/supermarket during the pandemic, then maybe read this! it's nothing major, it's more of pet peeves that those of us who are working have. if you do any of these things, don't freak out! just try n' stop doin' 'em

a.) when customers turn their carts sideways. lemme explain this one: if you're going down an aisle, try and hug the side. your cart should follow the direction of the aisle as to keep it spacious. i've had many instances where people turn their carts sideways and then i can't go down that aisle (i have a very quiet voice when i'm overwhelmed, and works been overwhelming so i can't speak up)

b.) not being aware of your surroundings. i know this one's pre hard, but during a pandemic? we really need customers to be aware of what's going on around them. there have been multiple instances in which a grocery worker goes to restock a shelf and can't get to it due to someone standing there. what's more, there has even been folks who have the audacity to get pissy at us for not restocking

c.) asking us when we're going to have [insert product here]. we don't know. please do not get angry at us for not having something in stock, and definitely do not get angry at us for not knowing when it's coming in. shipments have been sporadic and inconsistent. we've had cases where we're told its coming in at one time, and then it never shows up. we've also had cases where we'll get shipments without any prior notifications. please be patient with us during this time

d.) trying to take photos of employees who are not wearing masks. this is something that almost happened to one of my coworkers! don't do this!! it's shitty and a violation of consent!! not everyone has the materials or ability to make a cloth mask, making us dependent on our store to receive shipments of masks (which, btw, do get stolen!!). if you see an employee with their mask lowered, don't say anything!! we've probably lowered it because we need to breathe!! i have to lower mine multiple times when i'm doing my floor sweeps because i get so dizzy and light-headed that i feel as though i'm about to pass out

e.) trying to give tips. ask a manager beforehand if it's okay to tip someone! i don't know about other stores, but the one's i've been to do not allow tipping. this means that, if you try to tip an employee, we typically have to refuse. if you do it without any form of person in charge nearby, then maybe we can sneak an acceptance

f.) joking if the person who is doing the cleaning can clean your house. just...don't do this. it's creepy and weird, especially if you don't know the person. i had an older man ask me this and i've almost never felt more uncomfortable in my life

g.) propping the carts on anything. at my store, we have a lot of like, planting areas. folks have been leaving their carts up on the mulch. don't do this? it makes the carts incredibly difficult to get down and we risk them falling over. just...wheel the cart over to a cart return station if you're worried about it rolling away

h.) ignoring the directional tape. another one i'm gonna explain! in my state, an executive order had been issued for stores to make the aisles one-way, aka you can only go down the aisle from a particular direction. this is to reduce aisle traffic. please try to be aware of which way you're supposed to go? you can really throw off the folks who are trying to follow this rule

i.) hoarding. i see you with those 3 dozens of eggs in your cart. you can't hide those 12 boxes of pasta. do you really need that much hand soap? what about 12 dozen packs of energy drinks? i know most folks are trying to plan ahead, but when you hoard, you really fuck over a lot of other folks, not to mention but keep things from going back to normal sooner. yes, you hoarding does affect this. if people didn't hoard products, we could have more things on the shelves to last, so please be mindful and ask if you really need that many

this is all i can think of at the moment! everything here is based off of my own personal pet peeves in addition to the grievances i've heard from my coworkers. if another thing happens at work that stands out to me, i'll add it here

tldr; be mindful when you shop