Posts tagged but like i was like wow! i did that:

im cryin yall

i was solo for this whole game im so aaa

i basically kept my head down for this whole game, avoiding fights. i then proceeded to get really lucky, finding a purple evo at the satellite. i scanned it to see where enemy teams were and then decided my destination from there. from that point on, i just kept moving to the next ring, opening any chests and gathering any material i could get along the way. i ended up just...observing a squad bcuz they were by a replicator i wanted to use. i wonder if they saw me, just jumpin in a friendly way (god no i wasn't going to shoot)

after they left, i was able to upgrade my shield to a red one since i got 190 crafting material. from there, i hung around that location as the ring was closing in. before long, there were 3, then 2. someone dies in the ring. i know that, whoever is still alive, is there with me.

as luck would have it, it was a lone enemy bangalore. we sniped at each other, used our ults (which missed both of us lmao), and then i decided to reposition into a building to heal as i had a phoenix kit. if they had gone after me maybe they coulda won it. i could hear them getting antsy, and, as shaky as i was, i decided to engage. to my surprise, i was landing my shots (i had a flatline and a Crap-Ton of ammo cuz, well, yknow, no fights). they couldn't even break my shield before i eliminated them

im still jittery after that. the moment i loaded into the match w no teammates, i thought "theres no way im gonna win this thing". it was rlly lonely, hearing bangalore talk to herself. hit me in some kinda way. when she started saying that it was gonna be an easy win, i was like "oh god no" bcuz me??!? im not good at shooters

but here i am