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game: send assumptions abt this blogger - will answer true or false!

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Flower ask meme!

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I want to get more active here, so I threw together an ask meme!


Acacia: Describe your home town! Delphinium: What's your favorite hobby? Basil: Do you like to cook? Camellia: What sounds like an ideal night to you? Red Carnation: How are you feeling? Coriander: What do you consider most beautiful? Daffodil: What instrument(s) do you play? Maidenhair: What's your favorite outdoor activity? Freesia: Do you prefer soft or rough textures? Heather: What trait do you value the most? White Hyacinth: What colors do you wear the most? Lavender: Favorite scent? Lilac: When are you most active? Narcissus: Top 3 hopes for the future Orange Blossom: Favorite fruit? Petunia: Do you have any pets? Tell me about them! Peony: What do you daydream about? Primrose: What's your favorite aesthetic? Raspberry: What mythical creature do you wish existed? Stephanotis: What's your favorite type of weather Yarrow: What is your bad habit?

ask meme for dirt lovers

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bc why not (this took me so long and it ended up mostly horticulture based but oh well)

if u want to do this feel free to repour u dont have to send me any asks !!! however if you do want to send me any know that i am open to the intense edition

soil - what's your favourite thing about dirt?

mud - what's ur hobby/interest that you've stuck with the longest?

compost - favourite place to sit and think?

sand - favourite type of natural water? (sea, river, lake, etc)

silt - do you prefer stability or adventure?

clay - how heavy are ur sins?

loam - do u eat a balanced diet?

humus - tell us a bad joke

bog - your favourite song to close ur eyes and listen to through headphones at 3am?

erosion - pet peeves?

plont - do you think you've grown in some way recently and if so how?

seed - is there something you want to start, or something you've just started?

worm - what makes you wiggle in excitement?

lime - what's something you like that's kind of basic but u still like it?

peat - do you like to save things or throw them away?

npk - what's your comfort food?

irrigation - favourite type of cold beverage?


mulch - how do you protect yourself from the crushing weight of societal cruelty?

organic matter - what are you doing to improve yourself and what more do you think you need to do?

drainage - what are you not letting go that you need to?

pH - on a scale of 1 to 14, how satisfied are you with your life right now?

horizon - what layers do you hide behind?

tap roots - what is your family life like?

mole - what do you see that others don't? what do you miss that others see?

osmosis - how much are you influenced by what other people do?

Go Gigantic Ask Game - Factions and Locations

gogigantic -

Aurion - Do you believe in any higher powers?

Devaedra - Do you have a favorite fantasy element? If so, what is it?

Tesserus - What’s your favorite technological advancement?

Karakesh - When someone is in need, what do you do?

Melkior - Do you love mystery? If so, why?

Eternal - If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Warden - Do you love nature? What do you love about it?

Ghost Reef - Do you prefer the company of others or solitude?

Sanctum Falls - What do you think about ruins and other abandoned structures?

Siren’s Strand - What’s your favorite natural phenomena?

Ember Grove - If you found yourself lost, what would you do?

Sky City - Do you prefer the city or the countryside?

The Rift - What’s your favorite cryptid?

Tahir - What does home mean to you?

The Empire - Do you prefer structure or disarray?