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An Anonymous user asked:

Happy birff!!

coffee asked:

happy birthday!!

thank you

megafauna asked:

your flag badges have this sort of optical illusion of rising from left to right. it's neat

i know right!!!

rubbertig asked:

i'm a very difficult person to notice, and for two reasons! i walk with quiet steps, which has proven to be, well, annoying for other people because i've scared dozens of ppl by either a.) walking by them or b.) waiting for them to notice me cuz i don't wanna interrupt their conversation n cause em to lose their train of thought.

the other reason? well, i'm 5'0". i am very short, and combined w wearing like, darkly colored clothes (black, gray, dark blues, yknow), i just kinda...blend in

angelicaphelion asked:

i have a severe phobia of heights! ever since i was a kid, even standing on stepstools made me wicked anxious. it was because of this that i could hardly do the balance beam in elementary school ^^;;

goat-ish asked:

But, like, do you have an ephitet oc or what


my epithet would be space!!! i'd be able to push or pull things away, cause things to space out, and summon outer-space themed things

emlynlua asked:

im late but birth!!!!

thank uuuu

witchesflower asked:

I hope it's not too late! hap birf!


bystander asked:

oh!! happy birthday!!!

thankie ^v^/

maltsea asked:


thank you o/

i saw your comment earlier! as well as @rubbertig's! i just wanted to wait till the day ended before thankin ppl for the birthday wishes :0

i kinda got sidetracked tho MvM;;

wiznearbi asked:

omg happy birthday!!! you're an amazing person and super fun to talk to, and you've got a lot of great ideas!! enjoy your day!

wawawa thank you ;v;

naiad asked:

Happy birthday!!

thank you ;o;

erasabledata asked:

welcome to the illiterate club, i'd offer a pamphlet but none of us can fucking read

what's this say

An Anonymous user asked:

-scrambles and claws my way into your inbox-

-leaves u a dr. bellum-

dr bellum: happy birthday!


thank u,,

thoughts asked:

happy birthday!!!!!!

thank YOU

An Anonymous user asked:

why would you lose your stuff for having a yt account? i'm so confused

here's an article that explains the new terms of servicecombined with the knowledge of what happened on a recent markiplier stream, too, where he asked ppl to decide what he should do using emojis and a lot of people had their google accounts suspended because of "spam" it makes one person rlly worry yknow

i have a lot of stuff thats rlly important to me on my drive and i absolutely do not want to take any risks in losing it. yeah, i know i could just back it up, but its easier to just remove all my content from yt

lovecubus asked:

im watching carmen sandiego s. 2 with my niblings and it's sooooo GOOD!!