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Housing in a Fairy* city

These are the "Fables" living in forest areas.

The secluded from humanity ones.

*actual name a secret lol will be published in the novel :D

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Table, chest, and some papercraft food from my kitchen diy kit!

"The earth speaks to all of us, and if we listen, we can understand."


not sure if i like this one but figured i'd post i anyway cause people here are nice x

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Worked on my mini kitchen today!

Added induction plates, and finished the oven so it could open and fit one of my plate

The white cupboard is supposed to be partially hidden behind a curtain, but I'm hesitating on whether to put it or not

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Memphis Zoo

film photography

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I finally managed to get some sunrise pictures!!

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pics from Doues, Italy

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the Louisiana, a modern art museum, is right on the Danish coast and you can see Sweden from there. it's just a really cool museum with tons of exhibitions addressing current issues, especially Lauren Greenfield's "Generation Wealth". hella

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This was taken outside from my backyard and I just realized how beautifully aesthetic in the sunset rain omlll

autumn morning, 28.10.19

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deerleap, 02.11.19

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by Bjorn Tore Okland on Unsplash

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Andrei Sokolov