Just my ocs, Mali (any pronouns) and Helix (they/he), drawn somewhere mid/late june. I’ve been working on redesigning their outfits, so you probably won’t see much of them in those clothes anymore. Can’t wait for what future brings with these two :smile emoji:

[Id: a digital artwork of two HiddenCarpet's ocs, Mali and Helix. Mali is a tall brown muscular person with long straight black hair tied up into a ponytail. He's wearing a red crop top with it's sleeves destroyed to the base, a blue vest, some grayish blue trousers, a red belt made of farbric, and yellow brancelets. Helix is a fat brown person with long brown curvy hair tied into a low ponytail and sideburns. They are wearing a long navy blue cape with big pink strips and light blue dashes. They also wear an sleeveless orange shirt and brown trousers. They are both standing, with Mali's back turned to the viewer and Helix him tightly around his back. Helix presses their nose against Mali's shoulder, their face is tired. Mali's hands hang loose to the ground, still. The cape floats around with the wind. Background is yellow transitioning to hot pink around characters' heads. End ID]

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