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why is work guilt a thing

like, i've been feeling mildly feverish all day and i worked for 6 hours on top of that. i have a 9 hr shift tomorrow and i know im gonna be walking across that entire store because my job is to clean the bathrooms, sweep the floors, take out the trash, clean the breakrooms, take care of the plastic recycling bag, and sanitize every possible surface i can think of

my company is excusing all call-outs (aka it wont count against you if you call out cuz you earn sick leave) and i know that, if i go in tomorrow, im not gonna help my current condition. however, if i call-out, there wont be a porter at all since im the only one scheduled for that day. i mean, yeah, the night manager can do porter stuff but he has other things to do on top of that and its gonna be packed tomorrow cuz saturday is typically when our Big shipments come in and aughh

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