breakdown under the cut

my friend (teemo) ran out of the bush and blinded and auto-attacked kai'sa , making it so she had no choice but to run in addition to poisoning her. being an adc, kai'sa relies on her auto-attacks and while blinded, she cannot use them.

i then ult in an attempt to finish her off but thankfully, teemo poison dumb so she dies anyways momentarily after. seeing that i can't catch her, i move to the side to root ahri and leona.

ahri charms my friend and hits them with the q+w combo (it does Big damage if successfully executed, which is what brought them to low health). leona then ulted me to try and stop me but, fortunately, i avoided it. then i JUMP to my friend and quickly heal them, saving them from the leona aoe (that pretty blast of sparkles). i give them another heal for good measure and also to speed them away from the fight.

to our luck, nidalee had healed up enough to rejoin the fight and we were able to take out both ahri and leona

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