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i was finally able to make some tacos today yes i am very happy about that

itd b cool if they re-release a bunch of old ps2 and gamecube games on steam

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A short comic about Schrodinger's Cat. One of my favorite comics I've made.

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once i gather my thoughts it will be over for you all

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we really just out here unable to form a coherent thought huh

Practicing drawing characters in portrait and testing out some different shading techniques.

drew me n my gf as villagers

designs by her!!! ❤️💜

why is work guilt a thing

like, i've been feeling mildly feverish all day and i worked for 6 hours on top of that. i have a 9 hr shift tomorrow and i know im gonna be walking across that entire store because my job is to clean the bathrooms, sweep the floors, take out the trash, clean the breakrooms, take care of the plastic recycling bag, and sanitize every possible surface i can think of

my company is excusing all call-outs (aka it wont count against you if you call out cuz you earn sick leave) and i know that, if i go in tomorrow, im not gonna help my current condition. however, if i call-out, there wont be a porter at all since im the only one scheduled for that day. i mean, yeah, the night manager can do porter stuff but he has other things to do on top of that and its gonna be packed tomorrow cuz saturday is typically when our Big shipments come in and aughh

game: send assumptions abt this blogger - will answer true or false!

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Can I offer you all a nice Michael PSA in this trying time,

i keep telling myself to stop drawing wooper and then 2 min later im drawing wooper

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oh just realized i need to update my interests page

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done diddly doo

oh just realized i need to update my interests page

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pretty homophobic that there are internet outages in the uk right now, rendering me unable to vc with my gf B(

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we got to vc -w-

pretty homophobic that there are internet outages in the uk right now, rendering me unable to vc with my gf B(

@ my nose: please stop bleeding im sorry i scratched you but please i dont want to keep a tissue in my nose

naiad asked:

I'm not sure what endogenic or anti-endogenic are and when I looked it up it said something about the crust of the earth? I understand if you don't want to talk about it but I'm genuinely curious and you said it had something to do with trauma and I follow a lot of people who have past trauma and I have a lot myself so I want to make sure I'm knowledgeable in things relating to it. Don't want to hurt any feelings!

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i want to claim that i am very bad with wording/explaining things; some things might sound off and i am willing to correct / answer any misconceptions if need be. this goes for anyone else wondering the same question in regards to my last post. i also don't want much more discourse on here about it, so any asks will probably be answered privately.

first of all of it has to do with DID; Dissociative Identity Disorder (OSDD as well; otherwise specified dissociative disorder). i'd recommend researching about that first, if you haven't - it would make this post very long; this is a very good website.

this is also a very good website.

in short, it is stated DID/OSDD forms due to repeated trauma within a persons childhood. the cut off ages are generally 6 - 9 (dsm-5), however some studies have shown up to 12 (i don't have much sources on age 12). however, the biggest difference between DID & other dissociative and/or personality disorders is the distinct separations of 'alters.' alters are individuals within a DID/OSDD system - they have their own personalities, own free will, etc. the main purpose alters split is due to repeated stress / trauma.

endogenic systems basically claim that they have a system, but without the entire trauma part; that their systems formed 'naturally,' and while sure, maybe they can .. a vast majority of people who claim they are endogenic will use our terms such as system, alter, etc. these are all medical terms and an endogenic system is sure as hell, not a medical thing. another vast majority will also spread incredibly false information. such as an alter can "system hop" to another system - usually an abuse tactic. or that alters can 'fuse' a la steven universe; this is just scientifically untrue. a lot of this has plagued tumblr unfortunately, making the tag basically a terrible place to go to. and no one can learn what is and isn't a system.

however, i do believe that they aren't all bad. i believe if endogenics stay away from our medical terms, we'd be fine. they'd have their own community, we'd have our own. but this is unfortunately not the case in most situations. as a trauma survivor i find it incredibly disgusting that such a claim can be made considering this disorder happened because of my trauma. and some just claim that they have it .. without the whole trauma part. i try to be as respectful as i can, as does the rest of the system, but the majority of endos we have come across have been very openly abelist / or manipulated us into believing something that isn't true.

first learning you have a system and being introduced to the community that uses a literal trauma based disorder for haha tumblr woke points is not fun.

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Actually on the topic of having seen this discourse on another website,, I have to say that I actually feel safe enough on waterfall to give my 2 cents, when I didn't on the other website. So idk what difference that really makes or what it means, but its definitely something to keep in mind

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This is the same for me too tbh. On most other sites I think I'd just shut up and be afraid to voice anything so I'm glad that even if we don't all agree I don't feel like I'll actually be harassed for my views and that's really important

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Miku at Coachella Miku at Coachella Miku at Coachella Miku at Coachella (twitter)


what happened while i was at work

City of Dreams

Drew this during a school assembly I didn't want to pay attention to

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do you know what lives under the ocean?

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💜💑👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💚protect waterfall lesbians at all costs💚👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💑💜