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USPS Merch Store

Repour this!!
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if you're unaware of the current situation, the United States Postal Service aka USPS is slowly being defunded in an attempt to kill it. USPS is the ONLY postal service in the US that guarantees rural citizens can send and receive mail at an affordable cost.

if USPS dies, it means millions of mail in votes WONT HAPPEN! the administration is trying to influence the election any way it can- INCLUDING by not giving millions of citizens the chance to vote.

beyond this, if USPS dies these people will no longer have an accessible way to send and receive mail. most private post companies will stop delivering to these places OR the cost will be so high the service will be priced out!

i would absolutely love it if ppl could bring up the lesbian flag being excluded w/o shitting on ace ppl itd just be absolutely fantastic

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i love them three graduation kids :heart emoji:

[ID: a digital painting of the 3 Thundermen from The Adventure Zone: Graduation. Firbolg has green skin and long puffy green hair. Argo has blue skin and long blue curly hair, and Fitzroy has brown skin and short brown wavy hair. They all sit with Firbolg in the middle. Firbolg hugs Argo and Fitzroy from behind which catches them off suprise and makes their heads collide with each other. The background is light blue with white splotches of paint. End ID]

that video might post twice cuz i got an error message saying that the file wasnt supported (even tho it is cuz its webm) HFSDLFK

kumatora :D

can i get some uhh lesbians

referenced from this image o

man it's always when i wanna do stuff when i get really sleepy out of nowhere :'(


[ID: Artwork of Blaze the Cat. She's posed very dramatically and intensely looking at the viewer. Fire sparks around her hands. End ID.]

Another thing drawn during the stream.

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replayed sa2 recently 😭💕

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Sonic and Friends

[ID: Artwork of Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, and Tails. Knuckles is on the far left, Sonic in the middle, and Tails on the far right. Knuckles has his fist up and is smirking. Sonic has his hand on his hip and is winking at the viewer. Tails has his hand in the air and is smiling. End ID.]

Artwork done during an art stream I did today.

aw...y'all i just helped a spider get a drink of water 🥺

i was brushin my teeth n doin other teeth hygeine things n i see a lil spider. now, i usually kill them (i know im not supposed to but monkey brain acts fast) but this time i decided to not do that since my gf gets upset when i do. i watched him crawl above the link n start lowing himself, landing right by where the water would go down the sink.

he was just...standing there, not moving, i assume that he musta saw water come from it (since, again, brushin me teeth). i couldve blasted the faucet, but i turned it on just a little bit, n he almost got sucked down but was able to save himself (my reflexes are slow). i watched him go back up his web, a lil droplet on his leg, n when he was back on the ceiling he brought his leg to what i presume was his mouth n then it was gone

im so,,,

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It's been so long since last ive been on waterfall that I'm pretty sure that everyone i follow/follows me is no longer active. so yeah this post is really just seeing whos alive and seeing if anyone has recommendations of who to follow. Who's active or did everyone die lmao

"So... this is what a party looks like."

Screenshot redraw

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Meet the Artist!

new year new me

my art was at its peak in january n february just want that back