anxious ace from outer space

cosmic | they/them + fae/faer | 20 | white

about blacklist interests dni

do not interact if you:

✫ are discriminatory towards minorities

✫ are an exclusionist in any way (terf, transmed, aphobe, etc)

✫ ship/support incestuous, abusive, and/or pedophilic pairings

✫ are a MAP/MAP sympathizer (aka pedophile)

✫ consider yourself to be pro-ship/anti-anti

✫ do not think that neopronouns are valid

✫ support unhealthy age gaps in relationships
a good example of this is wattson/wraith from apex, a ship between a 22 year old and 32 year old. given the younger person is early 20s while the older person is early 30s, there is a power imbalance. don't give me the "both parties are consenting adults" argument: my stance is formed from very personal reasons

✫ support endogenic systems (systems formed without trauma)
my opinion on this comes from the DSM-5 criteria as well as from listening to people who are systems, one of which being a close friend

✫ refer to m/f pairings as "het relationships"/exclude m/f relationships
one person could be bi/pan | trans straight couples exist