do not interact if you:

✫ are discriminatory towards minorities

✫ are an exclusionist in any way (terf, transmed, aphobe, etc)

✫ ship/support incestuous, abusive, and/or pedophilic pairings

✫ are a MAP/MAP sympathizer (aka pedophile)

✫ support unhealthy age gaps in relationships

✫ do not think that neopronouns are valid

✫ call yourself a bi lesbian/support bi lesbians
if you want to know why, here's some explanations: my post, carrd 1, carrd 2, twitter thread (op is wrong abt butch/femme being lesbian exclusive but other points are good)

✫ refer to m/f pairings as "het relationships"/exclude m/f relationships
one person could be bi/pan | trans straight couples exist