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if you’re going to follow me, know that I…

- … will read your tags if you reblog one of my posts. - … sometimes re-reblog my art and writing

please notify me if:

- … i reblogged reposted art. - … i reblogged misinformation. - … i'm in the wrong about something. - … i reblogged out-of-date information. - … i’m doing something that bothers/upsets you.

where I can be found:

discord - ask please! steam - cosmicaces, but please let me know beforehand! league of legends - cosmicaces, but give me a heads up!

hello hello!

my name is beckett, although most people know me as cosmic. i am a nonbinary, asexual, demiromantic lesbian who uses fae/faer pronouns. i'm okay with being referred to with they/them, but please try to stick with fae/faer for me ♡

this is my main blog, so you're going to see me reblogging a lot of posts! usually art or text posts, since i don't see a lot of videos or anything of the sort on here. when i do make my own posts, it's either going to be a silly thought that came across my mind, a question, something relating to an interest, or complaints. i...have a tendency to complain a lot <v<;;

if you would like to be my friend, then feel free to message me! i just want to warn you that being friends with me can be kinda difficult. although it may seem otherwise, i'm actually not all that good at conversations. i can't tell if i'm being rude or if people are upset, so i'm very heavily dependent on people being upfront with me. please don't worry about upsetting me; your feelings matter just as much as mine, and i'd rather you feel comfortable. in addition to that, i sometimes struggle with detecting sarcasm and jokes. if i don't respond the way you're expecting, apologies!