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about me


My name is Beckett, but most people know me as Cosmic. I am 18 years old, neurodivergent, and a non-binary ace lesbian who uses both they/them and fae/fear pronouns.

I actually normally talk using all lowercase letters and poorish grammar, namely because it sounds more friendly in my head. Additionally, I use a lot of emotes, such as nvn, :0, ^v^, and >v>;;.

I have a lot of difficulties when it comes to talking to people in addition  to having trouble expressing emotion. Basically, if you were to tell me a joke and I don’t give the reaction you were expecting, it’s either because a.) I didn’t like the joke or b.) I was unable to tell that you were making a joke. The same goes for picking up social cues; if I’m doing something that upsets you, please just tell me because I will never be able to tell to figure out otherwise.

If you’re going to follow me, know that I…

- … will read your tags if you reblog one of my posts.
- … sometimes re-reblog my art and writing

If we're mutuals please tag:

- … nsfw (#nsfw)
- … guilt trips (#guilt trip)
- … child kidnappings (#child harm)
- … character death (#character death)
- … loud sounds (#loud sound)
- … decapitation (#decapitation)

Please notify me if:

- … I reblogged reposted art.
- … I reblogged misinformation.
- … I reblogged out-of-date information.
- … I’m doing something that bothers/upsets you.

If you want to…

- … discuss headcanons,
- … draw one of my ocs,
- … talk to me about my ocs,
- … or talk to me in general tbh,

…then go right ahead!

Where I can be found:

Steam - cosmicaces, but please let me know beforehand!
Discord - mutuals only, and ask please!
League of Legends - cosmicaces, but give me a heads up!